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Scissors Tie Clip

$17.90 Teacher Scissors Tie Clip

With all of the awesome jewelry available in our store for female Teachers, we wouldn't want the excellent male Teachers out there to feel left out!  

Proud of the challenging work you do as a Teacher?  Here is your chance to show off your Teacher Pride with these awesome Tie Clip!

Hand crafted silvertone or goldtone tie clip that perfectly compliments any tie and can be worn to any type of occasion, casual or formal!

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  • Attachment Type: Spring Clip
  • Tie Clip Material: Copper base with Silvertone or Goldtone Plating

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    Each tie clip is hand crafted and precisely carved to artistically show the details and intricacies of scissors.  Tie clip goes well with any button-up and gives a subtle reminder of the importance and value of education!  


    If your tie clip arrives broken or damaged, we will replace the tie clip or refund 100% of your purchase price.  We kindly ask that you provide pictures of the damage, but no other hoops to jump through or customer service hassles!


    We ship with a UPS tracking number.  

    Ships from Multiple Locations. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


    * Not intended for children under the age of 12