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About Us

Thanks for your interest in our business!!!

My name is Fiona and I started this business with my husband because I absolutely LOVE jewelry and wanted to follow my passion and share it with the world.

My main hope for this business is to be able to offer one-of-a-kind products at unbeatable prices.

To make this dream come true, we've developed relationships with a few great affiliates both domestically and internationally that allow us to offer unique products at low prices.

We want to provide an online shopping experience where our customers are not just another number. We want every individual who clicks on our store to feel important and part of our community.
Eight Star Products - Jewelry Shop

We are always listening to YOUR feedback and trying to constantly make improvements to our business.

For example, one recent improvement was beginning to warehouse a few of our more popular items locally to significantly reduce shipping time. Sure...this could cut into our profit margins, but we are in this for the long term, and hope these little benefits will show how much our customers mean to us.
To show the level of customer service we hold ourselves to, we've included some screenshots below of feedback from some of the wonderful people who have purchased from our store!

Our bottom line is not the most important metric at our company. Customer satisfaction and being able to provide for our staff takes a much higher priority (and of course to be able to provide a comfortable life for our brand new baby girl 😉 - hence the Mother Jewelry Collection 🤭).  We value and appreciate our team so much as they work so hard to keep this ship sailing and our dreams alive.

Since we are a small shop, our inventory and warehouse fills up quickly, so be on the lookout for our SUPER AWESOME deals as we try to clear out some space in our warehouse for new lines of products.

We love interacting and engaging with our customers through our Facebook pages @EightStarProducts, or through our partner page @TeachersChangingLives so feel free to reach out at any time.

Please Contact Us and leave us a message with any product offerings you would like to see from us!
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Feedback from our Wonderful Friends on Facebook

Eight Star Products - cust service

Eight Star Products - cust service

Eight Star Products - cust service

Eight Star Products - cust service

Eight Star Products - cust service